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Leading Standards Development Organization Offers Popular Vibration Testing Course this September

Elite Expert, Dr. Abhijit Gupta, will share his knowledge with a small group of 16 professionals who work in Environmental Test Labs.

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (July 24, 2015) – IEST, an ANSI-credentialed and world leading standards development organization, is bringing Dr. Abhijit Gupta of Northern Illinois University to their Training Campus near O’Hare Airport to share his knowledge regarding free and forced vibration of undamped and damped single degree of freedom systems, and natural frequencies and mode shapes for multi-degrees of freedom systems.

Dr. Gupta is Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Northern Illinois University, and IEST considers him an elite expert because of his contributions as an educator and technical author.

In addition to receiving CEUs and viewing a live accelerometer demonstration on determining natural frequencies, professionals who travel to attend Elementary, My Dear Watson – Mastering Vibration Testing Fundamentals will learn about rigid body mechanics; classifying types of vibration; identifying basic elements used to solve vibration problems; harmonic and periodic motion; solving for free undamped, free damped, and forced vibration of a single degree of freedom system; two and multiple degree of freedom systems; and computing natural frequencies and mode shapes.

For more information on Elementary, My Dear Watson – Mastering Vibration Testing Fundamentals, visit, call 847-981-0100, or e-mail

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