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The Much-Awaited Revision to IEST’s Cornerstone Environmental Stress Screening Publication is Here

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (July 27, 2016) – IEST, the leading technical association for scientists and engineers in the field of reliability and environmental test, announces the much-awaited release of IEST-RP-PR001.2: Management and Technical Guidelines for the Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Process. The revised document, published in July 2016, contains an up-to-date consensus of recommended best practices through the collaboration of industry experts in IEST Product Reliability Division Working Group 001, led by consultants William Boswell and Michael Roy, and Dustin Aldridge of Raytheon Missile Systems. PR001.2 assists in the development and implementation of technically-sound, cost-effective stress screening programs.

Addressing the military, government, and commercial industry, this document provides an overview of the techniques and considerations needed to define a viable Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) program—covering ESS fundamentals, equipment and setup, and procedures. It also contains seven appendixes on vibration stress screening, thermal cycling stress screening, fixtures, and more.

Aldridge explains, “The revised Recommended Practice is a valuable document providing vision, a broader scope of considerations for the ESS process, equipment options, and guidance for specifying and implementing a successful production ESS program. It reflects updated terminology, practices, common equipment, appropriate fixturing, and alternate methodologies, including tilted fixtures. Significant effort was committed to making it clear that ESS is an adaptive process used in production to drive latent defects to patent failures, analyze for a root cause, and spur comprehensive corrective action through a broader cross section of the organization.” The updated version of IEST-PR001 further stresses the importance of understanding the capability of the design through design characterization, and it includes updates on defining the common stress environment severities used in ESS considering physics of failure.

Print and electronic versions of IEST-RP-PR001.2: Management and Technical Guidelines for the Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Process are available for purchase at in the bookstore, along with other Product Reliability and Environmental Test Recommended Practices, including the IEST essential document on HALT/HASS.

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